Aug 15, 2006

Cemetery Road... Dead End.

This is one of but many hillarious things I captured on my trip... a "dead end" sign on a cemetery road - accompanied by a "no hunting on this property" sign. Sure - no problem as it is not technically hunting if they are already dead, right?

I LOVE Wisconsin. More cheese curds for me, please! But seriously, I am here for work, and work I will do. Just not right this moment.

I had to perform an audit today, and after dinner my coworker and I are sitting out by the lake writing up the audit findings for today. Because I am roaming, I cannot upload my pictures (the dead end sign, the beach, the room view, my German coworker playing in the sand, etc.) until I am on my lay-over in MN. Once there, I will promptly upload and post the pictures for you all to enjoy my trip!

Back to running however - last night was a wash as I got in LATE. I instead did about 30 minutes of yoga, and a full body workout courtesy of my door gym. (I adore this door gym for the road).

Tonight I am working - it is 7:45PM here and my coworker is rearranging his flight schedule for this weekend to enjoy more of this beautiful resort we are staying at. By the time we finish the report I fret it will be too dark to run. Tomorrow AM I will be getting in 3 miles however. TRUE DAT!

So from Wisconsin with love - RG out!


Anonymous said...

Yoga is a great addition to any cross-training regime. I really, really miss it when I can't find the time. Easy on the cheese curds eh!!!! LOL G

Jenniferlyn said...

But I love cheese curds G! It is HARD being a vegetarian on the road in cow land. Salads only get me so far... the cheese curds definitely hit that gooey spot!

I just posted up pics - hillarious and beautiful!