Aug 29, 2006

Pilates shakes me to the CORE... and the 3.5 mile run today.

I love puns! Last night I did a core busting hour of Pilates. I have to say I am liking this more and more each time I do it. I am going to stick with it. I am more concious of my posture, and
feel better for adding this into my cross-training.

As for running - I am set for 3.5 miles tonight. Strap on the old GPS and hit the streets. If it is lightening outside, then I will have to hit the track at Ballys - which is an 11th of a mile one
time around. Oooooh joy... 39 times around the track!

From what other RBFers are posting, Elizabeth and Mouse, they had a wonderful run at the CRIM. I am glad that more people are getting into the 10 miler. Mouse was right, it IS the race to do! The
other races of fame are the Run through Hell in Hell MI. and the Detroit Free Press marathon. However the Bayshore marathon (Traverse City) was actually profiled in Runners World this year. Did it
twice, and will never do it again. BORINGly flat.

Gotta RUN!


mouse said...

i've always thought it was funny that bayshore is so flat because that area of the state is so freaking hilly!

great job with the race on Saturday! it certainly was gross outside.

Jenniferlyn said...

I know, right?! I gave it an honest try, but just could not get into that race. Lack of crowd participation I guess.

It is a PR course however.

Thank you for the encouragement! WHo would have thought that getting back to where I was just last year would be so difficult!