Aug 3, 2006

So I am a chicken afterall!

OK - First off, running in 100* weather, with no water, wearing a cotton t-shirt is not smart. Now that I prefaced this post with that comment, let me say that allthough I know all of the above info, I still ran!

Dehydration. That was the result of our run. Dehydration. Not fun. it is pretty bad when you actually can see the salt on your arms, your lips get gooey, and you feel as if you are doing to throw up and pass out at any given moment.

So let the comments begin! I deserve each and every one of them!

Some people have asked me how to handle the heat. Do as I say, not as I do in this case.

When the weather gets steamy hot as it has been in this region - there are some things you can do if you just HAVE to run...
  1. Run on a treadmill inside the AC.
  2. If you must run outside, run in the A.M. prior to the heat and humidity getting risky.
  3. Wear CoolMax, or DriFit material clothes, and as little of them as you can stand. A sports bra (women) and shorts is a good bet. You are a runner! Save the pride for after the run.
  4. HYDRATE prior to the run, and even the day beforehand to make sure you are good and saturated. Drink water.
  5. HYDRATE during the run OFTEN. Drink water and a sports drink (gatorade or the like) alternating between the two to make sure you are keeping not only hydrated, but are replacing the elctrolytes you are burning off.
  6. HYDRATE after the run with a sports drink and water, and make sure you eat some good protein shortly after the run to refuel your muscles. You do not want cramps!
  7. If you cannot sqeeze in a morning run, run later at night when the sun is less direct, you can find good shade, and make sure you listen to your body. I posted previously on the mortality of runners... we are wonderful, just not invincible.
  8. When it is VERY hot out and you are sweating, the only way you can actually cool down is to walk. SLOW YOUR PACE OR WALK when you feel the need to. Your body will thank you later.

I also will break up my running on hotter days, by running a bit, then adding in some other activities which provide a cardio or strength training benifit such as rowing a boat, swimming, etc., then run again afterwards when the weather is nicer to complete my day.

Stay cool out there once again - and if you are going to brave the heat, run smarter.... not harder.

RunnerGirl - 5# lighter thanks to yesterday!


Anonymous said...

Oh, now I see what you mean....good points you brought up. Hope you have some cooler weather and better running conditions soon.

Anonymous said...

It's great that your dedication will bring you out in this hot weather. Something I have done with cycling, and I assume could be done with running to help keep hydrated is to plan a route where you can do shorter laps, or maybe a figure eight circuit. Pick a central point to circle back to where you can stash water (your house, or car, or maybe a public water fountain in a park). This way you can still get in the miles, but not risk dehydration,with only minimal interuption to your workout.

I have kept a cooler in the trunk of my car with cold fluids and snacks on several occasions to help me through those hot days. I also found that slowing down the pace is important (a heart rate monitor helps by beeping if you go out of your desired zone).

Jenniferlyn said...

Yeah, I really need a HRM. I have a Garmin 201, but should have gotten the 301 (or is it 305?) Which has the HRM built in.

I need to stash water! This was a first time doing these trails, so I was VERY unprepared. Lesson learned I tell you!