Jun 25, 2006

Race Day at Mid-Ohio - Rolex Series GT and DP

So this races is not a foot race, but rather a motorsport race.

We had a blast watching the races and seeing the tuner cars and drifters. Scions and Hyundai Tibbys were out in full effect. We even saw one holding it's own during the ST race (left).

Mr. Meat and I got burnt a little bit as well. But it was worth it as the day was so fun and memorable. A lot of accidents, but thankfully everyone got out of their cars without a scratch... the same cannot be said for the cars however.

Mr. Meat is at the right enjoying the ST race. Hi Mr. Meat!

Being that these events are not really vegetarian friendly, I apcked us lunches consisting of tomato/basil/pesto on crusty organic sourdough. It was sort of a continuation from the previous night's dinner.

Below are some pics of the food in process -

The basil, pesto, and fresh mozza... (omit mozza if vegan)

The finished product on crusty sourdough. Yummy!

Enjoy the day and fresh foods of the season!

I am off on business until Wednesday, but I will try to keep up on the blog so you can see what I am doing, and how my running is going on the road!



funwithyourfood said...

hello hello there
I'm back from my weekend away and catching up on some blog reading. :)

I actually just posted about the Millennium restaurant too!

catch ya later


Triseverance said...

Thanks for the link, this looks like a tasty blog. yummy.