Jun 25, 2006

Dinner of Champions

Friday night after I got home from work I made a dinner to beat all dinners.

A little background first - I love mushrooms... Mr. Meat loathes them. So if I want the juicy 'shroom goodness in my meals, I need to add them in after, or prepare two seperate dishes.

I usually add in later, but Friday night I decided to make 2 seperate dishes.

I made for Mr. Meat the following dish:

It is a garlic and basil pasta sauce (jarred), mixed with white cooking wine, vadallia sweet onions, fresh basil, and sub-dried tomatoes served over three-cheese ravioli. To make vegan simply toss sauce over pasta!

On the side is homade Bruchetta, made with 2 Roma tomatoes - diced, 1 small fresh mozza ball cut into dices, and a heapin ghandful of both fresh basil, and fresh sweet basil. I then drizzled the mixture with a little barrel ages Basalmic Vinegar, and then tossed in some of my hot EVOO mix - EVOO with garlic, crushed red pepper, and ground black pepper. It is a winner! To make vegan, just omit the mozza.

For myself I made the following - only omitting one ingrediant - the garlic/basil marinara from the jar.

It is fresh basil, mini-mushrooms, vadalia sweet onion, EVOO, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes all simmer in white cooking wine. And it was to die for!

On the side is the same bruchetta over organic sourdough.

Again, to make either dish vegan, simply omit cheese.

Saturday we headed out for the Rolex Series Races.... mor eon that next!

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