Jan 8, 2014


As part of my goals to be more accountable to myself and to give a balanced 100% to my training, I am going to actually be blogging about my training once again.  This is why I started this blog more than 7 years ago, time to get back to my roots.

This week is Week 1 of my Out Season: get more powerful and faster plan.  I will be doing this for 14 weeks and then transition into Half Ironman training to be ready for Welland Half Ironman in mid-June.  After that I switch gears to Ironman training for Rev3 Full Rev this September.

But before all that I must put in the work. The sweat and wanna puke work.  The OMG I am back in the game work. The WORK WORKS work.


1 test down, 1 more to go!  I also want to start getting back into the pool - not for workouts but just so when the time comes I am not afraid to get back in.  The OS work is hard enough without adding crazy other volumes, but for me swimming is no longer optional.  I tend to skip swims, wimp out on the runs, and bag the bikes when I am not feeling it. 

I see the pattern and have lived it for 2 solid years.  Time to make some change in that! 

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