Sep 12, 2013

Week 12 of 20, enter the final push to MiamiMan

I cannot believe that I am already 8 weeks out from MiamiMan half iron.  Hm, I am not so sure if I should say final "push" into MiamiMan since there was really no lead up to this point. Ha ha!   I guess the push is me pushing to train for 2 months to get ready for a 70.3 mile race. 

I am ready to have some fun out there.  After all, if it isn't fun why do it?   I remember the days of being so afraid of these distances, now I look at them as fun events.  I like that.  I really like that.

I am excited about the 70.3 and 140.6 distances now as opposed to fearing them.  I still have a healthy respect for the distances and unknown variables that come with, but after doing 4 half distanced multi-sport events and an Ironman I am more confident in my abilities and have learned so much about how to train, how to trust, and how to execute.  I am no longer the variable I worry about. 

I know that I will do everything in my power to be as well prepared as possible for the undertaking. I like training for and racing these events as it has become just a part of me.  I really look forward to learning all about myself and the time I spend in training has become my "Jenn time", the time that I am putting myself first.

This week is bike and swim focused since next week I am in Mexico for work and will only be able to run.  I have been reconnecting with my trainer a little bit during the week to assure that I get the rides in.  I have grown to like my 'me" time in the pain cave peddling away the stresses of the day.

Also, this weekend Masters swimming starts back up at Schoolcraft, so I know that I have an option to get in a good swim on Saturday if I miss one during the week.  I can swim for the 1.5 hours and still have time left in my day to get in my 3 hour bike and a little run! 

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