Jul 11, 2013

{Fake} Friday

I am feeling down right geeked today as it is my {fake} Friday! 

After work tonight I need to grab a few things for boarding my pups, namely food!,  and then do a double check to make sure that I have everything that I will need for the weekend ahead.  I am hitting the road to Madison Wisconsin tomorrow in order to partake in an epic training weekend on the Ironman Wisconsin course.

I am even further convinced that everything happens for a reason.  Well, more clearly put I believe that we draw to us the things that we need in that moment.  This weekend is the jumping off point for my season and a total reset on me.  The short version is that I have done some soul searching to see where I am mentally now that I kow where I am physically.   This year has been a total rollercoaster for me with so many ups and downs that I was not sure where exactly I stood now now that I got off of the ride.   It turns out that I am in harmony once again! 

My body, my mind and my heart are all pointing me in the direction of returning to long course triathlon this year.  I feel so... ready.

My training plan is loaded up and I am looking forward to my official start back next week.  I overlaid my travel onto my training plan and am using this weekend as the launching point, the jumping off point, for this training cycle. 

Miami Man.. here I come!

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