Apr 3, 2013

Writing a unique blog post? Ain't nobody got time for that!

I wrote a post over on my Ironman training specific blog, The Journey to IM Moo, and thought that I would repost it over here. 

Ooooh no she didn't! 

Yup. Pilfering my own blog posts. Shame, shame on me.

The post has to do with the relationship between our ability and our effort to increase it; how we need to bridge the gap between current effort and our max ability while also increasing our max ability.  As with most things, the harder anything is to come by the more we value them.  The same holds true for our own physical feats.

This has me reflecting on the changes that I have made. Not just eating, exercising, etc.  I mean deep down to my core.  I say in the post referenced above that my abilities have not changed, but rather it has been my approach that has changed.  I had it in me all along to do what I do, I just never fostered it before.

So with that think of it this way:  The person you want to become is already within you.  You have to believe in yourself and make the choices each day that will bring you closer to that person.

How empowering.  Your goals are RIGHT THERE!  Ready to be realized! 

For me, I realized my goals by finally starting to invest time into myself like I would others.  I started to give myself gifts as I would others.  For me those gifts were the gifts of health and wellness as well as arming myself with not only the tools and education needed to make a lifestyle change but also with the determination and the PERMISSION granted to myself to do so.  Change be hard, yo.  Give yourself permission to invest in yourself, to make the changes needed. 

So I wonder... What revelations have you come to in your own life as it pertains to how you approach yourself and your situation? Be it financially, emotionally, or physically - have you changed your overall approach? And if so what was the outcome all around?  If not, can you identify a change in approach or thinking that you want to make? 

Please post here and share your journey!


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