Jan 3, 2013

New Year - New Journey (appearance)!

Yes, you are in the right place.  Pardon the dust while I clean up here; I did a little house cleaning today as you can see by the new look.  Just moved around some furniture and changed the drapes and throw rugs. 

I also finally connected the Journey to social media - linking it to my twitter and facebook accounts.

Every so often I like to change up the blog appearance, mainly because the intention of my little space in the internet changes for me as my needs change.  I thnk that my need for semi-regular change stems from having to move my life in and out of college every three months back in my undergraduate years at GMI Engineering & Management Institute (Kettering University).

Well, I am ready for some roots and foundation!  The Journey has found its new look and it ready to continue on as the journal of my random and silly life.


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