Jan 4, 2013

Facing the future.

I can hardly believe that it is already 2013.  It seems like just yesterday I was packing up my car to leave for college, or packing up my car to leave for my first apartment, or packing up my car to move in with my husband (then boyfriend), or packing up the car to travel to Florida for our wedding.

The truth is that my life has had a lot of these"packing up my car" moments, be them going to races, going on trips, or packing up for a move, I am not a stone that would ever gather moss.  Here in the Kryvicky household we are looking at a few more of the these packing up the car moments both figuratively and literally. 

Looking ahead to 2013, I can say with absolute certainty that this is the year that we make the move to Florida.  Well, at least the start of the move. Things are brewing on a few fronts for Mike and his job search, and while I will not go into details here it looks like we will be bi-coastal.  No, not East Coast/West Coast - more like Lake Erie/ Atlantic Ocean.

We will be splitting our time and household between South Florida and Metro Detroit, with Mike residing in the south and I staying here for a while to ready the house for an inevitable sale in the next few years.  Yes, years.  We suddenly found ourselves as a single-income family a few months ago when Mike lost his job.  We are doing fine here, however Mike needs to return to work for his own piece of mind.  We are not in a position that will allow for me to pack up with Mike, so it appears that for now (or rather when the time comes) we are going to do a long distanced marriage with lots of weekend visits until things become clearer on the employment and business fronts.

This is not a bad thing by any means.  Mike and I have been together and lived together for over 7 years.  A little distance is not going to hurt us.  I look at it as he is working out of state, or rather that I am. As an aside to all of this, I am working on some things here on my own developmentally that I would like to wrap up before moving south.

We are just sort of playing it all by ear at the moment with no real plans, just winging it as it comes to us.

So while Mike is following up on employment opportunities in Florida, surprisingly there are quite a few, I will be going for my ACE Personal Training Certification, as well as my ACE Health Coach Certification back here in MI.  I am not planing on leaving my job in the business world any time soon, but I am taking some basics steps today to help me develop the skills necessary to move into a position where I am better suited to help people find their path to a lifetime of self love and happiness. 
I have found my passion for health and fitness along this journey and I want to give back to those who are on a journey of their own.  My life's mission is to give others the same hope that I had, as well as the tools to turn it into reality.

So this year will be a mixed bag.  On the plus side, we are one step closer to our dream of living in Florida, and both Mike and I are making the changes necessary to secure some professional and developmental goals we each have set for ourselves.  We put ourselves on a 5-year plan to Florida 5 years ago and it looks like the Universe is answering our call.

Ask for it.  Believe in it.  Receive it.   I am not going to argue with it!

Our Wedding, August 25, 2012 Jupiter Beach, Florida
Today I am grateful that I have a marriage built so strongly on a foundation of adoration, love, trust and respect that we are able to look forward, facing the future and know that we will be just fine, together. Forever. <3>

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