Dec 21, 2009

Peace with the past

I am at peace. Took me a while but I had a long hard look at myself today whilst shopping for a sweater and some jeans.

Why on earth have I let myself deteriorate? *shakes head*

I cannot go back in time and stop eating everything that I ate, nor can I make up all of the exercise my body so desperately needs. All I can do is look ahead and change the course I am on now.

I am getting back into the swing of things one lap, one pedal, one step at a time. Slowly but surely.

I want to run 1000 miles in 2010. I want to complete 2 Half Ironmen distanced races in 2010. I want to drop at least 35 lbs in 2010.

It all starts with action.

So this week I want to run a few times, ride the drainer a bit, maybe get 30 miles in this week on that and get back to the pool at some point. Swimming what? I only have a State Meet in like 3 months. Should probably get back into action on that topic, eh?

I did 7 miles on the drainer Saturday before heading to Cycle to Fitness to order my jersey, tri top, and team socks. I love that we have team socks.

Those 7 miles felt pretty good. My butt was feeling it, but I started just 2 years ago not being able to handle 5 minutes. After a good 4 months off from training... those 30 minutes sorta felt good.

I am not where I was in August, but I know that I can return there with some work. Then with more work - I can surpass 2009 in a huge way. I do not want a repeat, I want better and will do so much better to get there. I have seen the consequences of sloth and laziness first hand. UGH. No thank you.

So... time to work!

I am having lunch with the GREYHOUNDS superstar racer Trish M, so I hope to bounce some topics off of her beautiful mind. In the mean time... insomnia what? Geesh. It is quarter past 1 am and I am not the least bit tired.

Lesson for the day - junk in is junk out. Simple as that.

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