Jun 5, 2009

The Muncie Endurathon Report - Wow only 5 weeks left Edition

I have been less than prolific here. I have been so busy with work, busy training and then busy not training, and now busy training again.

So let me recap.

I lost two weeks of training due to illness/stress/lack of motivation due to illness and stress. Then I was afraid to really get back into it because of those lost two weeks.

I felt paralyzed, but then I realized something. I need to be true to my dreams. And this is my dream.

So, I threw out my training plan as it was just not getting me to where I need to be in oder to feel comfortable, and then I developed my own training plan getting me to the endurance base I desire.

So there we have it. The past few weeks have left me feeling like I was on a rollercoaster - fast and leaving me wanting to puke.

However some really cool things came out of it.

So onward and upward to Muncie. It is HAMMER TIME!

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