Feb 11, 2009


I have been busy the past few days registering for some of my big events for 2009.

I am now officially registered for:

- Muncie Endurathon (70.3) race in July,
- Martian Half Marathon (April),
- Motor City Olympic Distance Triathlon (June)
- Tawas Half Iron distance (September)

Woo hoo!


Stuart said...

Looks like a big year and I am sure you'll make it so now you've parted with the $$$!

Sonia said...

Good luck with the training! A half IM is definitely on my radar in a couple of years... if I can ever be injury free more than 2 mins lol

The Mommy Jogger said...

Wow, you're all signed up for 2 HIMs this year! You are super woman! I will be living vicariously through you chica... and then you'll have to push me in 2010!