Sep 13, 2008

Breaking a mental barrier...

Breaking mental barriers is a hard feat. Which is odd if you think of it only because these barriers are ones that we put up often without substantiated reasons. For me the 10 mile running wall is huge.

See, the first mental barrier I had was 5 miles. Then 10, 13.1, 20, and 26.2. That is my self imposed barrier progression. Well - I broke a big one tonight. I ran 10 miles straight. This is not the first time for me, but it is the first time for me in 3 years. That has been a huge fear of mine in this training... running 10 miles straight with no walk breaks. I did that tonight, and due to the weather - I ran it on a treadmill. Sub 2-hours even.

I set two personal records - fastest 10 miles (and this pace was pretty easy for me as it was supposed to be slow but I won't really count it because treadmills are not always the most accurate things) AND this was the longest time I have ran on a treadmill EVER - 2 hours including my 10 miles running and a cool down. 10 miles was dare I say it? Easy. I worked it - but I am doing great and have another 5k in me easily.

I am not saying that I am going to be breaking any land speed records in my half marathon in 3 weeks - but I will definitely be running the whole darn thing!

Whoa. This training thing is actually working.
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