Jul 27, 2008

Numbers roundup

I love numbers.

I am a nerd - but man I really am picking up the volume lately.

July's totals:
Bike: 6h 50m 44s - 116.5 Mi
Run: 4h 53m 19s - 23.33 Mi
Swim: 2h 38m 59s - 5691.85 Yd
Strength: 4h 00m
Home Improvement: 1h 35m
Walking: 7h 00m

Compare that to June's totals:
Bike: 3h 20m 03s - 68.4 Mi
Run: 3h 43m 55s - 24.03 Mi
Swim: 1h 49m 47s - 3874.89 Yd
Strength: 20m
No walking.
No home Improvement.
A LOT of travel for work, etc.

So far this year I have racked up some large numbers!
2008 totals
Bike: 31h 28m 51s - 472.3 Mi
Run: 35h 06m 52s - 177.09 Mi
Swim: 28h 43m 13s - 42134.08 Yd
Strength: 11h 15m
Dancing: 3h 00m
Home Improvement: 6h 35m
Plyometrics: 1h 16m 17s
Simulated Altitude Training: 2h 30m
Stretching: 20m
Swimming - Other: 1h 30m
Walking: 27h 45m

So far this year... I have done a lot. It is really neat to see what time I have put into myself this year.

I changed the look of my blog today. Time for change I guess! I liked the backgroup picture so I just sort of went with it. Spring is gone and now we are entering the nice rich warm hues of late summer. It just feels like it represents where I am now.

I also added a link right above my profile picture that will take you to my training log. I figure that this way I have a place to blog about life and the journey - then if you really want the details - you can see the journey step by step.


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David H. said...

Whenever I'm feeling down about training, I look at my overall numbers and it makes all seem right with the world. Nice job so far in '08 for you!!