Jun 13, 2008

I am a triathlete forged in blood and dirt.

I am back from Wisconsin - FINALLY - and can make a better post of the triathlon.

My official race report for the Ann Arbor Tri is HERE.

And here are some pictures from the race for your entertainment enjoyment.

Jennifer, Kimm, and Jaclyn pre-race.

Exiting the water... wetsuits are not flattering. At. All.

Heading in to T1

Mounting the bike - ummm... bikes are not flattering either. :)

Heading out for the run... no socks = no fun and it shows on my face not more than 500 feet into the run!

Running it in to the finish... I am HAPPY!

Almost done! (My girl Trixie is the girl in the white tank in the back ground)

Hellloooo triathlete!

I made it. I left Ann Arbor stronger than I had arrived. I am a triathlete forged in blood and dirt.

Next up is Big Fish Sprint, June 22nd. This upcoming week is bike run swim and do it all over again! One thing that I learned at AA is that I needed to struggle in order to get better. I needed to break myself down physically and emotionally in order to rebuild. And with the big one done - I am doing just that.

Keep on running!

})i({ RunnerGirl


Unknown said...

Whoohoo! Congrads!

Run For Life said...

Great job despite the missing sock and crash earlier last week. CONGRATULATIONS!!! :)

Melissa said...

Congratulations! Thanks for sharing you pics. They're great! :-)

Full Metal Lunchbox said...

Congratulations!  You are made of tough stuff.

Doug said...

Nice pictures, they are flattering.

Anonymous said...

My gf trathlete makes me print swim plans from Dynoswim for her swim workouts, maybe you'd like it too.