Dec 2, 2007

Woo hoo!

Well the USAT National Challenge website finally started to work today, and with that I was able to enter in all of the data for my tri club.

We are now #1 in swimming, #4 overall mileage. :) Way to go FAST!

The balance of yesterday was spent relaxing... man swimming wears me out if I do not stay active afterwards!

I decided that I will be meeting with a coach next week, and in addition to that I will be swimming over at Oakland Masters Swimming in the evenings three nights next week. Not only will this help with getting in the distances that will help my club and ultimately myself on the base-building adventure I have set out on, but there is actually a former Olympian present as the coach to help out.

I like swimming in the group setting as I can get help and tips as I go along, but knowing that there is a coach present will do wonders for me, I hope!

As I sit here typing this, I feel proud in that I am no longer running away from my weaknesses, but attacking them head on to get better and turn them into strengths. Who knows, maybe swim will end up being my best activity in the next few years.

In a way I am tired. Not physically, but mentally. I am tired of settling for not really giving things my all. I have some pretty big ambitions, but until recently have not really backed those ambitions up with the actions it takes to meet them.

No more my fine friends! Why settle for mediocrity? If I train hard and finish last... at least I trained to finish. I cannot be afraid of failure anymore. I cannot afford to be honestly. Really can any of us afford that?

So I am happy with my decision to start giving more to myself. I could go out today and participate in a triathlon and finish. I have no doubts about that. But right now that would not be fun for me. And that is my new outlook on health - fun and fitness... not competition. I guess my only real competition is myself.

This weekend at swimming practice, I realized that no one was judging me, and they all accepted me as I am and for my abilities. It is about time I do the same, right? Right!

Keep on giving back to yourself!

})i({ Jenn
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