Dec 1, 2007


Today was a day of firsts for me.

First off, I woke up at 5:30AM on a Saturday for swim practice.


I did that.

On purpose even.

Secondly, I swam with my Tri club for the first time. And it rocked!!!!! I felt so welcomed and right at home. I was bummed that my cyber buddy Doug was MIA due to being sick (bawk bawk!) but I still got to meet plenty of people I have only chatted with over emails and out tri club's Yahoo! Group. I am by no means a great swimmer yet, but I know that as I stick with this bunch, I can only get better. Perfect case study in why you should ditch the nerves and just jump right in. Literally! I learned how to pull, which is fun in a way. So fun I bought my own pull bouy this afternoon. ;) I now own a swimsuit, goggles, a swim cap, and a pull bouy. Does this mean that I am becomming a swimmer? Because seriously... I hope that it does. Oh, did I mention that I have my own lap pool even? It is short in length (really short - like 12.5 yards) and cold... but it would work in a pinch.

Thirdly - I swam for 2600 yards, which is roughly 1.5 miles (1.48 if you are all technical). This is the longest I have ever swam. ~~EVER~~. It was exciting for me. In with like 6 other people, circling around like crazy sharks, and just doing what the piece of paper with our drills on it tells us to. Man I love swimming, and honestly given the fact that I have been going to work earlier these days, getting up at 5:30AM on a saturday is sleeping in now. LOVE that. Bold - you were right - this IS doable!

Fourthly- I found out that you can chafe while swimming. Seriously. Do I need to dip my body into vasaline prior to EVERY activity that I persue? Dang nabbit. I thought that water would REDUCE friction. I guess my years of physics were not considering my inner thighs. Body physics are apparently different from spacial physics. Who knew?!

I was thinking this morning while getting ready for practice that you know when you are involved with a serious sport if there is an injury associated with it.

I mean with race car driving there is the obvious crash and burn, but with a lot of sports there are just little things that nearly all participants will get at least once in their career.

You have runner's knee, swimmer's ear, tennis elbow, and biker's butt. I made the last one up, but if you have ever spent any amount of time in the saddle then you know what I am talking about.

~ })i({ ~

Today's swim brought to light a few things for me. I need a coach. I need to focus on form and breathing. I am lucky because I am a bi-lateral breather. Now I just need to find my breath in strokes. This is an aquired thing obviously and will come with time.

My new mantra ala Field of Dreams- Do it, and it will come. Keep on keeping on, and the skills and endurnace will come.

Two weeks ago I had not swam more than... hmmm... 1600 yards? Today I did 2600 out of the 2800 planned. AND I went from swimming 25 yards before I had to take a little rest to almost a full lap... ALMOST, but still a ways to go.

I am like a beginner runner. Not running in miles, but for time. The same will be true of swimming for now. No yardage goals, just make it the time and see where I am. So today is my Day 1 benchmark. I will let you all know how I do on Day 30, 60, and 90.

By day 30 I want to be able to do full laps. By day 60 I want to be able to do 100 yards at a stretch. Those are my goals! I have written it, so I am now accountable. I will add a section to the right showing my goals and where I am at. (NERD)

All in all I am motivated still.. which is a HUGE growth for me seeings how I stumbled quite a bit today. But I stuck to it and found key areas I am weak in; keeping my head down low enough, and getting the power at the start to name a quick few.

So remember - keep on keeping on, and it will come!

})i({ Jenn


Unknown said...

Awesome swim, Jenn! As for the chafing issue, if you find the body-dippable vat of Vasaline - let me know. :)

Stuart said...

Awesome stuff...welcome to Saturday morning!


Doug said...

I bet Vaseline would come off in the water.

SM said...

Wow!!! Awesome job in the pool!!!!

Kim said...

yay so proud of you! you are a fish! you might soon need to change your header to "swimmer jenn"!