Dec 8, 2007

This is how conti rolls

No . I an not at a club. This is my company christmas party!


Doug said...

Is that you rapping on the stage?

Marcy said...

LOL, so is it?

Jenniferlyn said...

Nope not me... that girl up there is actually one of the go-go cage dancers. Not even making this up.

Dancers... two live bands... a texting screen... taro card readings... caracature drawings... tatoos... and an open bar. Oh yes - and open bar.

Continental ROCKS.

Doug said...


Did you get a taro card reading? What did they say?

Did you get a caricature (you misspelled it) done?

I bet you already have a tattoo (misspelled again).

Open bar, and what was your drink of choice? JD? Mad Dog 20/20?