Dec 8, 2007

Post #405 - The Changing of the Guard...errr...clothes

How is it than in less than 6 weeks I can go from this as a staple of my wardrobe:

to this?

The numbers are in and the RED team of my tri club is only 79 miles away from winning this session of the USAT National Competition Challenge, AKA the NCC.

Each month is a different focus: December is swim, January is bike, and February is run.

And since FAST is a swim club that transformed into a tri club - we have a lock on swimming. So much so that in 8 days we have collectively swam over 446.42 miles. That is nearly 64 miles a day. Between 75 people.

I am currently 344 out of all 1,000 participants in the challenge, and 22 out of 75 in my tri club's Red team.

So my friends, I am feeling great! I have switched over from runner to swimmer and average 4 hours a week in the pool. Come January I will be adding additional time on the bike, and then come February I will be ready to run again competitvely... I mean in races... not that I ever compete!

My confidence about the triathlons I have chose to do is at a high. And I realize that my goal for Half Iron will be met only when I am at my peak performance for those miles, because as my growing time in the pool has taught me - strength and endurance is just as important as technique and adaptation.

I am ready for a sprint right now. I am almost ready for an oly. If I keep this up and push myself this season, I will be ready for the Half IM in 09. BUT - I am not into the game of pushing myself to accomplish something that I am not ready for... so time will tell when my body is ready for iron. Half iron that is.

And with the changing of the guard... errr... clothes, comes a complete overhaul of my schedule.

A day in the life of Jenn looks a little something like this now:: 5:30AM wake up, 7:00AM get to work, 4:00PM leave work and drive to gym, 6:00PM arrive at gym, 6:15PM swim/drills 7:30PM leave to go home, 8:00PM get home make dinner, 9:30PM go to bed.

Weekends do not look much different! 5:30AM wake up 6:30AM leave for pool, 7:00AM hit the pool and work on swimming and drills, 8:30AM complete workout, 9:00AM head home to get on with day

So if I am late with the emails or whatevers... it is really beause I am either at work, driving, or swimming.

I love it when I smell of chlorine and Heavenly. It is down right hawt. ;)

Oh - and we are throwing party (virtually) to celebrate. Today... well... guess what I did? Go ahead... guess!

})i({ Jenn


Pat said...

your gonna do great in those tri's. keep up the good work.

TNTcoach Ken said...

Invasion of the Body Snatchers! She’s been taken over by some alien tri-species. Swimming is sooooooooooo forgiving on the body also. Great job!

SM said...

I wonder if it is the season of the swim right now. I feel like I am in the pool more then I am out running. Could be the temps outside and my complete disliking of the treadmill. =)