Oct 5, 2007

Remember that one day that I got mistaken for a movie star?

Yeah, that was today. My name IS Jennifer. However I am not the above Jennifer. So check this out... here I am sitting at my desk minding my business looking for Red Wings Season tic.... errr participating in a sourcing teleconference. A security guard walks up to me and excuses himself. He informs me that although he knows it is against company policy to do so, he had to compliment me. He proceeds to tell me that someone downstairs told him that I am a movie star. I laugh... I mean hysterically laugh... and he says ';well honestly you do look like one. It is a nice compliment because you are pretty!'; And then he walks away. Way to interrupt a perfectly boring sourcing meeting to tell me that I am the star in some random guy from downstairs's dreams. My life is now complete. Well it is better than telling me I look like poo today. And I must admit, as creepy as it was to hear I do have a smile on my face. Off to practice my lines. RG
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