Sep 11, 2007

Random Thoughts for Tuesday. Now in color!

Since I am home SICK today, I decided to put some real effort into this post. LMAO - Ok I decided to put out there a bunch of random pics of me and things I have taken pictures of and write a blog around them. I am so random sometimes it hurts. So one with this installment of Random Thoughts.

There comes a time in each of our lives that we must bloom. For some that means becoming the beautiful flower, while others become the thorns. Either way it is up to you to make that change.

Sometimes you just have to take pause for a moment and reflect on this big beautiful world around us. For me that means staking my territory in the sand and snow, if even only for a fleeting moment it was mine.

There is no shame in being yourself. If I did not understand the world on a different level I fear that life would be too 1-dimensional for me. I need to live life in full color. I want that 3-D, panoramic view, panetome color take on life.

How boring life would be if we did not take the time to stop and smell the roses. Or any other flower. Heck - if we did not stop to take a break and relax, we would never know what anything smells like.

You do not always need to take yourself too seriously.

Sometimes we tend to look only at our faults and weaknessses, not really taking into account that there is so much more to a person than one facet.

It is good to have fun.

Friends are amazing gifts. Without them I think that we would be too caught up in our own lives. We need to realize that this planet we inhabit is filled with millions of people all with a story to tell. A life to share. Disappointments, triumphs, and every day realities that are their very own. The only difference between Britany Spears and yourself if a tabloid cover. She is a just a person like you.

As long as I have the wings....

I am going to fly.


I talked with a personal trainer today. Friday I am going to meet up with her to get in a pretty intense workout so I can find some new exercises to do to help build up my strength (read:kicking athlete body!)

I already have a swim coach, I have a running club, I even have a triathlon team. So why not add a Personal Trainer to my army... errrr. Ok, yeah, ARMY. I feel like I am becoming the bionic woman. Just without any bionic parts. I am rebuilding myself, faster stronger better. LMAO - Ok well at least I am giving it a real go this time. (less talk more action!!)

I am taking my triathlon training seriously. I do not want to just go out there and do it. I know that I can run well. I am strong. I am determined. Aim high and go for it. At the very least you know that you worked hard for it, no matter the outcome. So that my friends is what I am doing. I have aimed the bow, and now I am releasing the arrow and I WILL hit my target.

I feel that I come to every new year as a rebirth in running for me. I am sick of rebirth. NOW is the time to get it done my way. I have ditched the negative persona I tend to don when I am out in the field. I am getting it done. One step at the time, but I realized last night that I am on MY timeline. I am not in a race (pardon the pun) with anyone else. I am a field of one.

From now on toeing the line with goals set is the most positive thing I can do. So Detroit Freep - I may not hit that PR I want so bad on your course... but I will for damn sure give it my all. And when I cross the finish line OUTSIDE of Ford Field this year (Grrr stupid football game stealing away from my 50-yard line finish) I will be a star in that moment.

I have overcome quite possibly the hardest year in running I have ever had. I have overcome myself.

Runnergirl is here to stay. And if I do not say so myself, she is one hardcore chick.

Oh and Bold - I owe you this: The UBER GRAPH!!!

I know that it does not by any means replace the output of a power tap... nor can it replace the data that was stolen. But from one nerdalicious person to another - I thought that this may make you smile a lil. ;)


Laurel said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love the Algebra/Own shirt ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the ramdom thoughs part! Very insightful and intuitive.

Good luck with the training. Sounds like you are going to be kicking butt and taking names! Good for you!

Unknown said...

Great post, Jenn. I hope you feel better soon.

Marcy said...

This was a great post!! ;D ;D Love the pics too chica. Thanks!