Sep 10, 2007

Congratulations IMMOO, DWD, and Chicago Half Marathon Finishers!

The above picture is of me and my friend Amanda at the Freep half marathon last year. Amanda went on to run the Chicago Half Marathon in 2:01 this past weekend! Way to go Amanda! She took almost 20 minutes off of her last Half! A big shout out goes to everyone who completed IMMOO! Bold, IronWil, Pharmie, and Speedo wearing Steve, you guys rocked the house! As did everyone else who finished the killer IM. Also, to those who braved another amazing feat, the Dances With Dirt race on Saturday, Way to go! Mouse, and my fellow NRR and FAST team members all did very well out there in the mosquito and poison ivy infested Hell Michigan race!!!!!! You all have been a huge inspiration to me. Here is to many more happy and well earned miles.


Marcy said...

You look GREAT chica!! Awesome pic!! ;D

Bolder said...

thanks for the shout out!

when it got a little rough out there on Sunday, knowing everyone was following me online really helped!!

great pic. there's nothing better than mixing fitness with friends...