Aug 19, 2007

Weekend Update with Kevin Nealon

Welcome kids. Today on Weekend update, we start off with a story about a mid-western athletic-type girl who is pretty much lazy. Although this weekend marks 10 weeks out from the Detroit Free Press International Half Marathon, of which she is a runner (bib 10610 for the record), she has taken solitude in both her home as well as that of her parents, and given herself an additional 2 days off from training.

When asked why, she responded "Because I want to."


Because I missed the 8-miler today (rain and birthday celebration at my parent's home up north) I am going to have to schedule it in somewhere elses, or better yet - just proceed forward with the training plan. The past two days have been PERFECT running temps here in S.E. Michigan. I figure that I am not too far off being that I just ran a half-marathon, so missing an 8-miler will not be as detrimental as if I had not. Riiiight?

I am really wanting to kick up training to the next notch - speed work, actual track work, and some more refined hill workouts. I have been afraid to up until now because I honestly have never done it before, so when I see 4 x 400 I sort freak. What the heck does that mean? I have asked myself on more than one occasion.

So I did something about it. I went back through my old Runner's World mags and found the 1/2 marathon issue from a few months ago. Then I found the speedwork issue and actually read how to do it. Odd thing happened. I understood it. And I am excited to try it since I live all of 4 miles away from a high school track.

I really want to do well this year. Although my PR stands at 2:40:12 at the Flying Pig Hellish-hill-extravaganza-half-marathon from two years ago, I really want to break 2:40 at Detroit. Darn it I wanna break 2:40 period!!!!!

I am looking at training as less of an obligation... but more as an investment in my performance. I am not a speed queen. By any account. But if I can hit 2:40 on the hilliest race EVER, then I should be able to on the relatively flat (excluding the bridge and the tunnel of course) Freep course.

I think the difference has been enjoyment. I truly enjoyed the Pig half. The Pig is one of my fave runs. The Freep and the CDC are right up there as well. Oh, and the Indy Mini is just an amazing scene period.

I enjoy these races, and therefor it makes running them, and subsequently training for them, fun. Plus, with the Freep - I get to run in nice cooler temps! That excites me. I am drooling sitting here dreaming of the early October runs through Kennsington. My 6-7 milers during the week seem like a really fun excursion. And I mean that. I have a blast running out there in that weather.

I think in order to succeed at ANYTHING in life... you must actually enjoy doing it. You must find comfort in putting in the time and effort in order to see a true return.

I know that I have said this a million times (but who is counting, really) since my return this year - but I need to finish with that smile. If I dislike doing it than I am doing it for all the wrong reasons.

If I train by feeling, and not Garmin dictated time, than I really have fun. It is a game to me. Like I have said before - it is my therapy.

I am amazed at what the human body is capable. Heck. I am amazed at what MY body is capable of. I know that if I put a little more effort into it, and more dediction, the rewards will be a bigger smile - less pain - and a quicker time.

So, am I obsessed with the 2:40 finish goal? Nope. It is a goal not my life's edict. And my body will finish in the time that I have prepared it for. I am still keeping numbers out of it to an extent, but I have matured in the past year. I no longer fear the numbers, because I see my body performing. I will not obsess over them, nor will I get discouraged by them. I will instead learn from them and be mindful of the progress my body is making. The transformation that is taking place.

I am not upset over not running this weekend. I know where I am at in my capabilities. I know that it is best to keep looking ahead than backwards, and I know that I am on the path to a great training experience.

I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend!

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Fitness Challenge Update:

8/17 - Walking 20 minutes

8/18 - Walking 30 minutes

8/19 - Walking 15 minutes, stretches, ab work


TNTcoach Ken said...

Okay, 'Because I want to' Girl! The Running Gods sent you a gift of cool temps and you didn't accept it! Now we're in the process of building arks because the extended forecast says rain, rain, and more rain. Use the schedule as a guideline and fit it into your life. Some days just going for a two mile run is worth it. Remember, the force is strong! Just wanted to throw that in.

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Jenniferlyn said...

Very true!!!