Aug 21, 2007

Random Tuesdays

Well it is that day again...

  • I went to the gym tonight after work. This time I went to the Bally's in Troy instead of the one in Novi. WOW. It has been a long time since I went to this facility, and have they ever made improvements! I am thinking that I am going to start going to this one full-time. One less possibility for excuse making... *pause for laughter*... I have a gym next to work, and another next to home.

  • I did 1 mile on the dreadmill! This is a big deal for me as I HATE... LOATHE... no I was right the first time, HATE the dreadmill. And for the record - this is the longest I have ran on one of these contraptions. Tomorrow I am going to do 2-3 miles on it (hopefully, unless I run outside). There may (and that is a HUGE may) be hopes for me yet. ;) My dreadmill verdict - yeah it was not SO bad. But it is hard getting used to. Baby steps my friends... baby steps.

  • Today I worked out back, bis and shoulders along with stretching and ab work. Since I only did 1 mile I am SO tempted to go out and do another 2.5 to make up my 3.5 for the day - however maybe I will take this chance to get up early in the morning and do a good 3 miles. For fear of my reader's potential for suffocation, I do request that you DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH on that one. Please. For your own safety.

  • I am geeked to train this time. I think that I have an addictive personality, because I am jonsing to get back out there and do two more miles!!!! HOWEVER I do not want to overdo it so I will hold off. But. Seriously. *pout* On a serious note, I am genuinely excited to work my body but good. I went to my parents' house this weekend, and while talking to my mom about my future plans for my career and schooling, she pointed out something I may have overlooked. This time I am DEDICATED. Umm... when did this happen? I remember last year seeing hills and sidewalks on my drives and wishing that I was running them instead. TNT Coach Ken (AKA my Bayshore Marathon mile 5 saviour) told me that it was become I had become a runner. I am there again. I see places and times in my day where I could "sneak" in a run. Not for lack of time, but to literally "sneak" in a run for FUN! But this time I feel a lifestyle change with my running. I am running with a different mindset than previous, and it is so natural now. I am a positive runner and that my blogland friends has made all the difference. I mean look at me, I want to try my hand at speedwork, and am now willing to try the treadmill. *shakes head in wonder* I am still growing as a person and I love it!

  • Wholefoods has a really good hot foods bar. Try the spiced eggplant if it is there. REALLY good.

  • I am fairly certain that I will go to bed early tonight. How stoked am I for free sleep? STOKED.

  • WHY have I hated the treadmill so much? I mean, honestly it was not that bad! I would not want to run aany more than 3-4 miles on that thing, but all in all... not bad. Brussel sprouts and treadmills... two things tht I thought tht I disliked, but may be wrong.

OK - again enough randomness for one day.

Keep on moving forward friends!

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Unknown said...

Sleep is SO good! I need it...and NOW!

Marcy said...

Brussel sprouts definitely on the "hate" list here too. *puke*

Pat said...

They're building a Wholefoods a half mile from my home. It's supposed to be state of the art with a couple restaurants in it.

I think it might just change my life.

Glad you enjoyed the mill. I'm not a big fan of them either, but on occassion, they're fine. A change of scenary, sort of.

The Professor said...

You're better than me, I can't go to the meat market that is Bally's (and I have been to that one, living as I do in RO). Having been in the fitness biz, the gym is about the work, not social hour, and Bally's always seem to be too social.

As for the treadmill (or the well put, dreadmill), I hate it also. I didn't run on a treadmill for the first 10 years of running. I only got on one for the first time during a snowstorm so I could have a safe run. I still only use them is little as possible. Try to spice it up, do intervals. I usually try to do intervals of 3 mins hard, 2 easy. With the constant change of pace, I don't get as annoyed.

The great thing about treadmills is that they can really give you a sense of pace. The more you run, the more you get this kind of sense of your own body. After all these years of running, I can usually tell my pace without a watch just by exertion. A treadmill gives you a chance to see what pace you are doing and then you match it to how it physically feels to you. It can also force you to run faster than you might on your own. Set the speed and you are forced to consistently turn out that pace, mile after mile. They can be effective, though annoying, tools.

David H. said...

Treadmills suck. they're only good if the weather outside is absolutely horrible, like with a blizzard.