Aug 21, 2007

Random Tuesdays

Well it is that day again...

  • I went to the gym tonight after work. This time I went to the Bally's in Troy instead of the one in Novi. WOW. It has been a long time since I went to this facility, and have they ever made improvements! I am thinking that I am going to start going to this one full-time. One less possibility for excuse making... *pause for laughter*... I have a gym next to work, and another next to home.

  • I did 1 mile on the dreadmill! This is a big deal for me as I HATE... LOATHE... no I was right the first time, HATE the dreadmill. And for the record - this is the longest I have ran on one of these contraptions. Tomorrow I am going to do 2-3 miles on it (hopefully, unless I run outside). There may (and that is a HUGE may) be hopes for me yet. ;) My dreadmill verdict - yeah it was not SO bad. But it is hard getting used to. Baby steps my friends... baby steps.

  • Today I worked out back, bis and shoulders along with stretching and ab work. Since I only did 1 mile I am SO tempted to go out and do another 2.5 to make up my 3.5 for the day - however maybe I will take this chance to get up early in the morning and do a good 3 miles. For fear of my reader's potential for suffocation, I do request that you DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH on that one. Please. For your own safety.

  • I am geeked to train this time. I think that I have an addictive personality, because I am jonsing to get back out there and do two more miles!!!! HOWEVER I do not want to overdo it so I will hold off. But. Seriously. *pout* On a serious note, I am genuinely excited to work my body but good. I went to my parents' house this weekend, and while talking to my mom about my future plans for my career and schooling, she pointed out something I may have overlooked. This time I am DEDICATED. Umm... when did this happen? I remember last year seeing hills and sidewalks on my drives and wishing that I was running them instead. TNT Coach Ken (AKA my Bayshore Marathon mile 5 saviour) told me that it was become I had become a runner. I am there again. I see places and times in my day where I could "sneak" in a run. Not for lack of time, but to literally "sneak" in a run for FUN! But this time I feel a lifestyle change with my running. I am running with a different mindset than previous, and it is so natural now. I am a positive runner and that my blogland friends has made all the difference. I mean look at me, I want to try my hand at speedwork, and am now willing to try the treadmill. *shakes head in wonder* I am still growing as a person and I love it!

  • Wholefoods has a really good hot foods bar. Try the spiced eggplant if it is there. REALLY good.

  • I am fairly certain that I will go to bed early tonight. How stoked am I for free sleep? STOKED.

  • WHY have I hated the treadmill so much? I mean, honestly it was not that bad! I would not want to run aany more than 3-4 miles on that thing, but all in all... not bad. Brussel sprouts and treadmills... two things tht I thought tht I disliked, but may be wrong.

OK - again enough randomness for one day.

Keep on moving forward friends!

})i({ RunnerGirl

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