Aug 13, 2007

RIP shoes

The C D C will forever be known as the race that killed my shoes. They were very good to me and I will remember them fondly.


Unknown said...

ROFL! How cute! I am SO glad that I discovered the bruises before the shoes caused more pain.

The Big Cheese said...

How the hell does one know when a pair or worn out? Toes showing through the bottom?

Jenniferlyn said...

Here is how I discovered it - when you have completed your run and the soles aare as flat as panckes, and the bottoms of your feet are, in fact, blue. ;)

Typically you start to feel less cushin, or start to feel pain in other areasa.

Yeterday my back was killing me, as was my knee - it definitely was my shoes.


I will miss those shoes!!!!!

Thaank you Denise for noticing that even WITH sunglasses on!!

Alida Thorpe said...

Interesting blog and fun to read. Thanks for posting something real! I don't run but walk everyday. (At my age, it's less wear on the joints.)
Good luck with your journey!
You're bookmarked and I'll be back.