Aug 14, 2007

Random Tuesdays

Here is a new feature of this blog. Random Tuesdays. Since I am quite random in my life, I feel it only approprite to continue it on with my blog.
So without further ado - here are my random thoughts for Tuesday, August 14th, in the year of our lord 2007.
  • Thank you so much for all of the kind words you have all given me over the past year and 2 months (ish). This journey means a lot to me, and while I spend a lot of time connecting with my friends and family and every other faction of people in my day-to-day terrestrial life, this blog means a lot to me. It is the chronicle of a single life journey from my perspective. You will see one common thing here... and that is growth. Sure I make wrong turns and add distance to the journey, but tht is how we move forward in life. This journey has no road map to guide me. I only posess a strong will, determintion, and a sense of adventure. This is is the chronicle of the life I lead. I went from negative lazy-butt to positive life lover. I am so glad that so many appreciate this journey like I do. I hope that you find realness and comfort in the words I type. If I can overcome, anyone can. And you do not have to be a runner to identify with this journey. Because each of us has a journey of our own. We may be on different paths... but in the end I really think that we end in the same place. And that place is personal growth.

  • I am posing a challenge to myself, and to any one of you who choose to join in. Pat you sort of inspired me to do this. So I crown you the King of this Challenge. *bestows crown upon your head* The challenge is quite simple. I am challenging myself for 1 whole month I must exercise each and every single day. Be it run for 1 mile, walk for 20 minutes, strength train, stretch and abs, piltes, yogo, or just a nice leisurely bike ride or swim... each and every single day for 1 whole month I must work out on some level. Any takers?

  • In case you wonder why there are so many spelling errors on this lovely blog... my keyboard sucks. I have limited use of the A or S keys, so you will see either those letters missing all together, or a duplicate letter once in a while. My appologies. I do try to catch them, but sometimes I just get exhausted hunting down missing letters.

  • I feel odd lately. I am taking this week off from training, and all of a sudden I feel sort of lost. I know that you can get the post marathon depression... but is it possible to get that after a half? I think so. *bummed* So I am ready to switch gears and get back into my running for Detroit. However, I am llowing my body these last few days of rest before the fun begins. I have learned an importnt lesson. Rest is best.

OK - enough randomness for one Tuesday.

Take care everyone!! Tomorrow will be Wicked Wednesday! LMAO - I am just kidding.

*in best Homer Simpson voice* Or are I?

})i({ Runner G-I-R-L

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