Jun 6, 2007

First mini-goal nearly acomplished!

I am officially at 19lbs lost since April 1st. My mini-goal was to be at 20lbs gone by the start of June, but I jut missed that - by just a few days.

That is motivation to me. I managed to shed 20lbs by simply altering my state of mind. I do not deprive myself, I eat smart. I am more conscious of my decisions now. I am eating whole foods, not produced foods, and foods with very high nutritional value. I eat a lot of veggies every day. And it is showing! I am staying OP and not having a problem with it this time. I may finally bust through this 27-point plateau.

My next mini goal - 20lbs by 8/11/07.

There are two reasons for this. First off, 8/11 is my 29th birthday. And I tell you - I am ending my 20's in better shape, and mental clarity, that I started them. Which is hard for me to grasp because I was skinny back then. But health is not size. Health is holistic. The 2nd reason I want to loose my next block of 20lbs by mid-August is because 8/12 is the Chicago Distance Classic.

Running has gotten easier with this first nearly-20 gone. I know what it feels like to run 20lbs lighter than this even. And it feels good. And that race is just 10-weeks away. I need to keep up with the 2lb a week loss. But you know what? If I get down 17-18 lbs by then I will feel good. ;) I will still feel accomplished.

My last goal for major weight loss is to be down a third 20lbs - yes for a total of 60 - by Christmas Eve. I want to give myself plenty of time to shed that weight, as I have lost THIS 20 lbs before. And I have lost the NEXT 20lbs before. I have never lost that last 20lbs.

That last 20lbs will put me close to target weight range. And that is something that I have not been since, oh, high school? I was not fat in the latter days of high school - in fact I was a size 6. But I still weighed 15lbs out of the range for my build. I honestly carry weight REALLY well.

So after that last 20 I have a few straggler pounds to loose. 14 to be exact. If I can shed those last 14 lbs by June 1st 2008, then I will have lot a total 0f 74lbs. And I will have accomplished something I really had my mind set that I would never be able to.

I am only just over a quarter of the way there - but I know that I can do it.

If you are wondering why I have aggressive goals up front, but have put more time into the last 20, and then a lot more time into that last 14lbs - the reasoning is this. I expect to hit plateaus. I expect to hit some bumps in the road. And the simple truth is the more you loose, the harder is to loose. I have a LOT to loose, so right now it is cake as my body was not meant to be this heavy. So it likes shedding the weight. But once I break the 40lb mark - we are entering territory my body has not been in in a decade. I am preparing myself for it to be resistant!

Heck if I kept on with 2lbs loss every single week without fail from here until Christmas I will loose 75lbs this year alone. It is possible - but highly unlikely that my body will do that.

Here is to a beautiful day out there. I will be running my 2-miles at lunch today I think. If nto run it, then I will be walking the 3.4 miles instead. ;)

Have a great one!
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Backofpack said...

Wow! Congratulations - on weight loss, on making your goal (pretty close), on a great attitude! I think you'll be fine.

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you Michelle!

Unknown said...

Great job RunnerGirl. I'm sure that you'll reach your goals.

TNT Coach Ken

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you Ken! That means a lot to me!!!!

I am actually contemplating a full marathon... again.

Unknown said...

Awesome weight loss. Very realistic and attainable goals. You can do it!