May 17, 2007

think global... run local... with me!

Many of you have heard me rave on and on about my favorite podcast, Phedippidations. Well now you get to hear me rave on and on about an amazing race. This is not just any race... this is a challenge. This is the Phedippidations Worldwide Halfmarathon challenge and Kick The Couch 5K. The deal is that on October 13th or 14th, run 13.1 or 3.1 miles with people from all around the world, in your own local area. The concept is that we laugh at the idea that boundaries of miles and social cultures can keep us runners a part. Starting June 1st, the website of goes live and you can register. It is free. It is fun. And it is helping to bridge the network of runners all over the world. So come and run with us! Think GLOBAL. Run LOCAL. Come be a part of this amazing event! Steve Runner from Phedippidations has more info and his podcast at Check it out!

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