Mar 14, 2007

Update on my dropping out of the Pig...maybe I spoke too soon?

I guess I closed the door on the PIG prematurely. In all reality, I will do a check and feel in 2 weeks, and put my foot on one side of the line or the other... either in, or out for the half. I do have to say that when I did my 2 miles on the track last week I felt gooood. After discussing this topic with my "partner in crime" and fellow tiara running club member, I have decided that I will be in CinCin for sure, but the distance is yet to be determined. Maybe 13.1, maybe 10K, maybe even the 5k. No matter what I will be running that weekend. If anything I will consider it a litnus test for the CRIM and Chicago. You all have to know that I am feeling pretty bummed about being so sick! It is not a typical Jenn thing to be ill. Anyone who knows me knows that I HATE wanting to do something, and not being able to do it. So in 2 weeks I should know if it will be 13.1 or not... I will be at the Pig, either running wild or running for fun. Either way I will keep on running!
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