Mar 20, 2007

On a serious note...I could use some help from you all out there in blog-land!

OK folks...

I just got an email from Squidoo saying that my Run Out Epilepsy lens is nominated for lens of the year. :)

It is currently at #17 and could use your help.

If you find it in your heart, could you please go to, find my lens on the list (it will read on the list FYI) and cast your vote? To vote, you need to click on the little triangle next to the lens name ( as it shows on the list), and it will vote for that lens. You can then select the link next to the point values to refresh and re-order. Thank you sooooo much!!!!

I have worked very hard in my philanthropy efforts over the years, and those who know me know how much this cause means to me. Gaining Lens of the Year, in addition to Lens of the Day, and the top ranked (for a short while at least) Lens for philanthropy, is not a personal thing for me. I get no fame or glory.

All this will accomplish is to raise the awareness about epilepsy, and to show those with E, that we can do anything we put our (sometimes fragile) minds to. You will have to register for Squidoo, but it is free and easy to do. And it would mean the world to me, and the entire ROE cause.

Thank you, regardless if you do or not, just for taking the time to read this.

~Jenniferlyn Running Out Epilepsy... 1 mile at a time.


Full Metal Lunchbox said...

I voted for you and now you are ranked #4.

By the way, for anyone else reading this, the link is

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you josh! I completely missed a space in that link... yikes! I will fix it tonight when I get home (no editing from work of course!)