Feb 13, 2007

Putting my best face forward.

After a great dinner with a good friend last Sunday, we have decided that we are going to run the Flying Pig Half Marathon together. The interesting part, we will be donning tiaras. The reason why you ask? Simple. Forget time and run for the finish line. We have both had some trials in our running lives. Pains, injuries, and just all around tough times. But we both know that the true testament to our running is the fact that we just really want to finish. We are getting to our purist roots and through this journey we will be princesses of the pavement. All decked out in pink and tiaras is the only way to run for us! And as an added bonus, the race falls on Cinco De Mayo weekend. Liberation and celebrations all around! This race was made for us, in our little tiara club. Anything to bring a smile to peoples faces! Including our own. We are putting out best faces forward, and looking quite cute while at it! So if you see us out there, wave and smile!

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