Feb 13, 2007

Lost: Motivation. If found, please return ASAP.

I am in a conundrum... I think. I dont even think that I know what that word means. But I am missing my motivation! Have you seen it? I have looked EVERYWHERE! It is bright pink, full of energy, and is very optimistic. Last seen in October, around the 29th. I wonder if I dropped it along the race course? At any rate, if you have seen it please return it to me. I need it for my training which I (laughing hysterically) started last week. Or maybe I am starting it this week. Either way between the snow, cold feet, and tiredness, I desperately need my motivation back. This runner girl has turned into a lazy arse without it. Maybe they sell some at Running Fit? I should look into that. Oh, and if you find my motivation, please tell it that I am sorry to have misplaced it, but I do love and miss it and hope that it comes home soon.

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TNTcoach Ken said...

Misplaced motivation not lost. You are running royalty, at least if you have a tiara!! We all go through periods of lackluster training and motivation, you’ll find yours again.