Feb 27, 2007

Oh. Dear.Lord. *sigh*

The picture is not the most flattering of any picture of me.

It is darn right reminiscent of my heavier years, before I lost about 60lbs. Oh wait, it is EXACTLY like then.

Seeing these pictures from the wedding resulted in a huge cry fest Saturday night. Needless to say it cheesed Mike off to see me so upset. I even managed to offend him as well as insult the holy bejezus out of myself. Smooth Jenn.

Way to not only kick yourself when down, but manage to drag those who love you down with you. I know that I need to take action and quickly.

I have seen my Dr. about a possible thyroid issue, we will see. My thoughts are that I am just fat and lazy. But I am working on that. Dropping some carbs and increasing the exercise should do the trick. I just need to get my butt in gear, you know, like I am always saying. It is funny how it takes a few pictures to show you the reality of the situation. I do not like the reality I am seeing, so it is time to change it.
I joined Traineo for extra motivation, and I am being very cautious with my emotional eating issues. SSo we will see where it all goes, but I know that I am doing something for myself. Something that I really really have needed to do for a long time.
And I think that all of life's trials and tribulations really help us grow not only as people, but as runners as well.
Here is to today.
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