Jan 19, 2007

Welcome to the jungle...

Or at least that is how I feel today!

You know it is sort of funny - the tradeoffs we make in the name of training. For example, Mike and I are going out tonight with a friend of mine from high school and her hubby. First we are all heading to the Auto Show, then meeting up afterwards for dinner and then going to Bleu to catch Baby Anne.

Tomorrow AM I really want to head out to meet up with the Northville Road Runners for a group run. Nothing huge, just to get aquainted with the group and to get in some group runs since I really miss that aspect of running. My friend Par was like -"What?! Are you crazy? I mean you are going out tonight - you are going to run in the morninig?" I told her yeah, but that typically I do not go out the night before a group run just because I love my sleep, and that I am making an exception this time because it involves friends that I have not seen in a long time. Oh and to top it off, we are going back with different friends Saturday night to see Second Sun! Talk about a busy busy weekend before I head off to Huntsville, AL for another week.

I think my reaction then was more amusing - it was basically - you actually have to trade off things for training. That is when I knew I was back in full force.

When I was training for a marathon, I really never went out because I was always running! Then I stopped running because I was too busy with other things, school - injury - work - going out.

It is a priority system really. I am serious about my training, so I am willing to forgo certain activities to get in my runs.

Now, I know the way that I work. The probability of me geting up to run with the group tomorrow is slim to none - and I believe that slim just left town. However, I also know that I need to set these things in place in order for me to follow through with it. it is waaaay too easy for me to say - oh I'll catch them next week, or later in the week during a Tueday or Thursday evening run, but then again procrastination and I are best friends. Why do today what I know I can do tomorrow? Or next week? or never? My high school years have just flashed in front of my eyes. Fun before function was my motto!

Well not anymore. I am ready to put the foot down and make myself do the work before play. Then again I am really looking forward to training this cycle, so I thinnk that the running is my favorite part!

I get bummed when I feel the pressure of lost time. I get home it is dark - the gym is full of resolutioners so every pice of equipment and even the track is packed with a 20-40 minute wait. It is dark and dangerous outside here. So when can I run?
I get upset when I pass up on an opportunity to run, knowing that currently those opportunities have been few and far between.

Well not any more. If it means getting up really early to run, then albeit. I will do it darnit! Well... just maybe not this weekend!

I have decided to join the NRR - Northville Road Runners. They are a running group close to where I live, adn Mike said he will join too ebcause he wants to get back into running. I loved the group running with TNT, so i think that joining a running group is the best thing for me. And since I live all of 5 miles from where they meet for the runs, I have no excuses!

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So - welcome to the jungle of training once again! In June I am going to sign up through Running Fit for the Marathon 501 class to get me ready for Chicago and Detroit!!

Oh - and I came to a resolve about the Garmin 305 vs. my Garmin 201 plus a HRM vs. just forget about all the gadgets - I am choosing the later - forget about the gadgets! I will now run with my Garmin 201 because that is the best piece of equipment I have ever had. I like not needing to measure out a course and to just run until I stop. THAT is what has helped me most - not needing to rely on marked courses or trails and being able to just take off and run until I see fit to turn around and come back. So a HRM will not be terribly benificial at this point in my training. I need to learn to listen to my body first and foremost!

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