Jan 19, 2007

I've been tagged.

This is a virtual game of tag where you write down five things about yourself that are not common knowledge, then challenge five of your friends to do the same. Here we go!

1. Growing up I thought my brother was Luke Skywalker. To me he looked exactly like Mark Hamil! My brother died when I graduated high school, and I really regret never having a past with him. I was VERY jealous of my cousins and his half sister - still am actually - as they all knew him and actaully had time with him. (You see he was almost 18 when I was born, so the age difference played a lot in that). All I know now is that he was NOT luke Skywalker - but that is all I remember. I guess the saddest thing is that I have no one else in this world to share stories about my family with that they would understand truly what that means. My brother actaully took himself away from me, and I am still upset to this day that I will never have him back. I honestly do not think that many people knew I even had a brother.

2. All I wanted to be as a kid was an astronaut. I used to wish I caould leave this planet and live somewhere else where everyone was nice to one another.

3. I am afraid of both the dark and of chairs (no kidding - just read on). I have to sit with my feet crossed indian style, or far far out from the base of the chair for fear of someone slicing my achillies tendons. Blame that one on "Pet Cemetary". Also - I am afraid of the ones that rock backwards and of recliners because I am afraid of falling all the way back and snapping my neck.

4. I had my tongue pierced back in college. Hotness! Oh wait - not so much. I swallowed half of it one night and had to get it replaced - it was then when I realized that I really did not want it any more.

5. Mike thinks that this one is hillarious. I MUST have all the doors to ancillary rooms closed at all times when not in use. This means that the closet must be closed and the light OFF when not in use. I also need the door to the laundry room closed at all times. The same goes for all closets and pantrys. Unless it is the office or our bedroom, or even the bathrooms - the door MUST be closed. I hate coming home to cupboard doors open, etc. UGH!!!! I have a mild case of OCD - as I close all of tehse doors constantly.

OK So I tag Pat, Lora, Denise, Josh, and Danielle. Have fun!
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