Jan 26, 2007

Oh. My. Goodness. Wake me up, please.

So today started out like any other day. Or so I wish.

I woke up late for packing my bags to check out of my hotel (I had a 10AM flight back to Detroit). I then learned that my flight was late, so checked into my flight and headed back to the resturant for breakfast. *whew* how lucky was I? This is surely going to be a great day, I thought. LMAO - famous last words, eh?

I arrived back in Detroit without incodent - which is always good! My boyfriend works at the airport, and is able to go to the gates to either wait with me before a flight, or wait for me to land and welcome me back home. (I know - he is so sweet!). Anyhow - it was snowing in MI so he stayed home. I did not become aware of this until I had been waiting for him to appear for a few minutes. I was a little upset - not at him, but becuase I really missed him.

Paid for parking - $81.00. Rape me, OK DTW? Jeesh.

Went to 9-A Gold, row 1 in the parking deck where I parked. Hmmm... but where is my car? 5 minutes go by. 10. 15. I panick. I search the entire 9-A gold section, then proced to 8-A, only to find out that it is brown - definitely did not park here. I clearly parked in 9-1 GOLD, row 1.

At this point I am bawling like a little girl. I was exhausted, hungry, missing Mike, and now was sans car.

I called and he headed straight out to the airport to help me resolve this issue. I decided to walk a little further down to 9-B GOLD row 1. Not there. And plus, I clearly walked through Parking "A" into the terminal, so why would I park in B given I would have had to walk past 1 elevator to get to the one I took? Not likely.

Then I walked through 9-C GOLD row 1. Oh shit. There is my car. Called Mike to let him knwo to go back home as I found the car.. 2 sections away from where I thought that I parked. The issue here - I managed to walk past 2 seperate elevator systems on my way to the one I wen tthrough to get into the terminal... WHY????? How dazed was I monday morning to be so... off??? In addition - it took me so long to leave the deck that I had to pay parking again - this time only $5. I call it a stupid tax. My work will call it rediculous.

Oh well *shrugs*

So fast forward to being back home. Took 2 conference calls, checked emails, then we took a nap for a few hours. Grabbed a long over due dinner, came back home to watch TV.

While I was gone in Huntsville, AL this past week, apparently Mike discovered the delicious smells of incense. I, in my infinite wisdom, decide to combine all the incense we have into one of the holders - one with very very sharp corners. Do you see where this one is going?

Yep. I sliced open my finger. I rush to the kitchen sink, run cold water over it, go to the bathroom, put antibiotic cream on the wound, and put a band-aid on it. All better!

Fast forward another 2 hours - when I happen to touch my finger, only to realize that I PUT THE BAND-AID AND ANTIBIOTIC CREME ON THE WRONG FINGER.

WHO DOES THAT???? Me. That is who.

I need sleep. This day has just been crazy.

So let's recap:
  • Woke up late
  • Plane late
  • No Mike at airport
  • Lost car
  • Found car
  • Slept for hours
  • Cut finger
  • Put band-aid on wrong finger
  • Still need sleep
Welcome to my life! Hope tomorrow's run goes better!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I must say you have the coolest blog I've never seen in forms of layout etc.
Get wait to read about your journey
Oh and I'm glad you found your car.