Nov 26, 2006

It has started. Christmas time is here!

You cannot escape it this time of year.

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Heck it started before Halloween. Christmas time is apon us once again.

I decorated the house for teh holidays, and this year instead of a traditional tree, Mike and I decided to put up a palm tree.

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He adores Florida, which is his second home if you will, so we decided that this is a great way to bring together what we both love in one house.

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I get excited too, as this year I sponsored two children. I have been shopping for them for weeks getting them everything from their list. Remote controlled cars, art supplies, clothes, winter coats, etc. I love giving to people much better than receiving.

I am the girl who will (and has) spend her last two dollars on someone else, rather than myself. I just love the look of people's eyes all aglow and the true appreciation for things. For me it is not material - but thoughtfulness I give.

I am a painter, so this year I will be doing some paintings for people. I am also giving baking mixes (cookies, etc.) so people can make goodies well after the holiday season.

I am crafty and really get a good sense about people and what they will appreciate.

I also appreciate the gifts given to me, both by people and nature.

You see... I am that odd type of runner who loves runnign in the winter. I love running in the snow. I love being the first person to make prints in freshly fallen powder. I love the silence of runnign in a snowshower, watching nature and enjoying the sounds of my feet hitting the ground, as well as my breath come in and out.

It is like "zen" running to me. Winter is a much quiter time of year. No birds a chirping away, no little animals scurring in front of me. Only the occasional rabbit or wintery animals's tracks I see as proof that I am not alone out there.

There is beauty in nature, there is beauty in winter, and there is beauty in running.

Running has given me an opportunity to realize that life is large - it is a gift and I better appreciate it while I can.

SO this week I lace up the runing shoes again (classes have been cancelled due to my prof being a lame-o who really rather not teach teh remainder of the term) and get to running!

48 days and change until Arizona. I will be ready!!!!! And I will keep you all posted on the progress as always!

I do appologize for the lacking of posting regularly. YOu know how it is - Holidays, Finals, work travels, and of course injury. These things have put me in a holdiong pattern. But I am out of it now.

SO take care this week everyone! Maybe I will even see you out there!!!!

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