Oct 30, 2006

Runners High Part 3

You can tell I am still on a runners high from the race. I love this feeling. I do not think that I could give up the half marathon no matter if the rest of my races are on pavement or dirt. I am
at the point where it is now fun to run again. There is most certainly something to be said about that. I think that running is fun.

I feel validated. I feel motivated. And on some level I feel relieved to have one more under my belt. I have a long hard road ahead of me, but that is why I believe in the journey. This journey is
amazing and I am proud to be here on it. I now just need to put forth the effort to get my outer body slimmed down more to aid in this goal long term.

Way to go TNT, everyone who ran in the MCM and the Freep, and way to go to everyone who even thinks that doing this is cool.

Because it is sweaty and nasty and slightly off from cool - it is AWESOME.

To all fo you training for your first big race I am thinking of you. YOU WILL SUCCEED!


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