Oct 30, 2006

Runners High Part 1

Today I should be feeling extremely sore and tired. Well I am a little sore, but not terribly, and actually not at all tired. I think it goes to show that I was pretty well prepared for my run
yesterday. The proper nutrition and the proper hydration got me through, and most importantly the proper attitude and training made it worth the trouble.

But the months of training was not the only thing I thought of out on the course. I did have some time to think of some meaningful things while I was plodding away (hey I am no Kenyan afterall, I

At my first Marathon in 2003 I remember having cramps in one of my legs and my back was in terrible pain. I was wincing and really wanted to stop running, but low and behold appeared TNT Coach Ken to
run with me for a distance and get my mind off of my pain. I only wish he could have ran with me the whole race, maybe then things would have been different.

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