Sep 27, 2006

The Runner's Solitude.

I run.

I run for fitness.

I run for thinking and clearing my head.

I run to hear the sound of my feet hit the pavement with every step, and yes, every misstep.

I run to soak in life and all that is around me.

I run to listen to my favorite music - all 10GB of it.

I run to hear Steve Runner joke about his "silly little podcast" all the while shaking my head because everything he says resonates with such truthfulness it is scary.

I run to avoid the cars at intersections, and to beat the cars as they pull into driveways.

I run to see parts of my neighborhood hidden from those in cars.

I run to figure out the answer. To what? I am still figuring that one out.

I run to find the words I need for a friend who is having a rough day.

I run to find the words I need to center myself in the universe.

I run because I like how my bum looks.

I run to feel the breathe come in and out of my body.

I run to feel free.

I run to feel the rain on my skin.

I run for life.

I run for hope.

I run for the sacredness of it all.

I run to see the graves in the graveyeard and to clear off the headstones of those graves long since forgotten.

I run to reflect on friends both past and present.

I run to reflect on the inspiration of me being me.

I run to be me.

I run to forget about the day behind me.

I run to forget about the day ahead of me.

I run to laugh about my life.

I run away from my life.

I run into my life.

I run for solitude. The solitude you can only experience while out there hitting the pavement or trails. Running in nature, at one with nature.

It is this runners solitude that I have grown to cherish - a little piece of time just for me.

I run.


Laurie said...

Those are great reasons to run. Your list makes me want that feeling, to go out and clear my head, if only.

TNTcoach Ken said...

That's a lot of running. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

mmm I like it!

Unknown said...

Very beautiful poem!