Jul 7, 2006

81 and counting...

Yep, today is 81 days from Chicago... and less than 2 months to CRIM.

Looking over everything that I have going on, graduate school (graduating in 2007!), job, travel, running, and being able to keep all these balls in the air, I have realized that I need a good foundation to build upon that will be the base for everything in the years to come.

I bought a few books yesterday to help with a life foundation for myself. One book is a workout log book, very similar to the running logs I keep from Runner's World. The other book is Strength Training for Women.


On the workout log book, I like the fact it encompasses everything - cardio, strength training, pilates/yoga/mind-body workouts, nutritional comments, a daily wrap-up, as well as a morning box to fill in anything form how many hours you slept, how you feel when you wake up, or what time you woke up. This log takes a life approach to better give you the information all around of what you have accomplished in multiple aspects.

I like that. It helps me think that this is not just running, but getting stronger, bein gmore balanced, and really taking into acount all of those things. Well-rounded behavior helps keep the motivation alive, and mixes up the daily rut a bit.


On the Strength training for Women book - this is great! It has beginning and intermediate workouts, with variations to each move for the best results. It explains the necessity for strength training, and addresses the needs of multiple groups with specific wourkouts/circuits for each at the end of the book.

It also has a great resources page with links to websites of different gyms, health advice pages, and items of particular intrest for women getting into shape.

A good foundation all around will only help me in my goals. And as a bonus I decided to set a short-term, mid-term, and long term goals for my strength training, as well as a short-term, mid-term, and long-term goal for my cardio training (i.e. running).

If the events in our lives are the tent poles which support us, then a well rounded mindset and strength training is the foundation for which they will rest on.

Be strong, live strong, and try out that yoga or pilates class you were thinking about... the foundation you build today will support all the tent poles of your life later!


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