Jun 19, 2006

Road Safety

I am here to share my experiences with all of you, and in doing that I come across some items which I think are a tremendous help to advancing our running skills. (If I try a product and it works or does not work - you know I am going to post it here, but the main purpose is to share my journey on the 13.1 miles.)

In this case - I think there is something that you need to do in order to stay safe.

Two things I see people do which are utterly stupid and have taken lives -
  1. Running WITH traffic on busy roads.
  2. Not having any sort of ID on them when they are out on the road.

The first is the easiest thing to remember - ALWAYS run against traffic. You can see them and they can see you. This is so important.

The second is a personal choice - bring your wallet (men) or your drivers license, but those can add weight and you may loose them on the run - so what alternative do you have?

Purchse or make a runner's ID of some sort, and never run without it. I personally own a RoadID, and gave one to my boyfriend's sister for her birthday. Mine is a wrist bracelet which I love. It is light so I forget it is there, and it has reflection tape on it as an added safety.

I have listed on mine health conditions, the town I live in, my name and home#, my emergency contact name and # as well as anything else people may need to know should I become unable to speak for myself.

www.roadid.com is a great place to find IDs that snap on your shoes and hold money and other items, as well as the wrist and even bike-frame IDs. There are many more out there too - so just search and buy, or make one that you keep on your running shoes. Medics know to look for these and it makes running solo just a little more safe.

So I leave you with this - ALWAYS run facing traffic, and ALWAYS run with ID. You never know what will happen on your runs.

Keep on runnin' safely!


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