Jun 19, 2006

Come rain, come Shine.. .I am doing it!

I made a goal this year that I am in training for now - the CRIM in late August (a 10 miler that I want to set a 10 mile PR for), and the Detroit Freep (Free prees Half marathon in October) which I want to do for the 3rd consecutive year.

I also would like to geet back on my ultimate goal of 25 in 25 - the half2run creed - I am going to run 25 halfs in 25 states (half the marathon in half the states... get it? lol).

So far I have 7 halfs (4 states) down. Only 21 more to go! I am hoping to get FL or CA done this year as well - either the Disneyland half, or the Disneyworld half.

On my tracking list is AZ (PF CHang's Rock 'n' Roll Half) as well. I would like to do OH, IL (Chicago Half),NY (ING), and WI since they are border states.

So what is the motivation fo rall this crazyness? To say that I did it and more importantly have fun along the way.

My body can do 13.1 happily. But I have been able to see places I would never have gone prior to running - and with this goal I garuntee that I will see more places in the US, and get healthy while doing it.

Has anyone here experienced the joys of seeing the world and doing something they love at the same time? I know I will never win the half - I also know I will never win any race unless I am the only entrant - but what keeps me going is the decent goal which I know I will acheive.

All it takes is dedication, love for the sport, and a good head to make it through.

And I say all that before I go for an afternoon run with a co-worker!

For me it is not about speed - but about finishing. A positive attitude this time around is allowin gme to become for efficient in my running. And I never really realized prior to my 8 month hiatus just how negative I have become!

"If I am not running the LONGEST race offered... why run at all!"
"If I am not running all out at the gate, I will be ashamed of a speed walker beating me!"
"If I take one walking step, I have failed!"
"Forget the 10% rule - I am going to jump into 20 mile training loops because I need to get better quicker!"
"I embarass my running partner when I finish last - I should just give up."

and the worst of all
"I will always finish last so why bother starting."

These are the things that held me back - I directly influenced my failures - which in hindsight were NEVER failures to begin with.

My point this fine cloudy morning - if you keep a good head about you you can do it - you just need to remind yoruself why you are doing this along the way, when those mean negative thoughts start creeping in.

Run on my friends - run on!



Anonymous said...

I know your blog will help me to get back to running...I loved it sooooooo much, and was in great shape when I committed myself to a schedule of runs each week. Thanks for the great posts. BFN, G

Jenniferlyn said...

Thank you so much for the kind words Gerladine!

I am in the same boat and thought that this was a wonderful way to keep me into it, as well as reflect back on what worked for me, and what did not, so I can make this a lifetime habit.

I looooove it as well, and it made me sad that I got burnt out on it. Not this time though!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the inspiration and encouragement! Happy Trails. G

PS Forgot to mention, thanks for all the great comments on Veggies...much appreciated.