Jun 5, 2006

My Venture Into Virtual Training

So I signed up with 2L Coaching on the web at http://www.2lcoaching.com last week. I am doing the one week free trial to see if this is a good service for me.

Virtual training (eTraining, online training, etc.) is becomming more and more popular, so after reviewing a few articles on www.coolrunning.com, I decided to try 2 L Coaching.

Some things I love:

  • There are four membership tiers for you to choose from depending on what type of runner you are and what type of support you need.

  • You get customized weekly training plans from your coach, via the website, and you post your actual training.

  • You enter in your food log for each day, your shoes that you wear, and anything else, and the coaches analyze this information depending on the package you choose.

My initial rating: A

After a few days, I already have had good communication with my coach, Amy. She expressed how important it is for me to take a multivitamin for iron deficiency, and has asked me important questions as to how I run, where I run, my past running experiences, my average mileage per day, how much I walk during my runs, my goals for the future long term, and where I would like to see myself in 1 month.

These questions have helped my coach get a better understanding of where I need the support and encouragement, and if I have questions on anything, I can always contact her.

Another good thing about the website, is that they have a section on training tools, in which you will find stretches - complete with video.

This is a good comprehensive program, and for a basic membership at $50 for 4 weeks, $135 for 12 weeks, and so on - if you are in need of a little rev up on your training - this is a great package for you.

If you are a newbie runner and need a more hands on approach, the highest end package comes complete with all the phonecalls, emails, and other communications you will need with your coach, and even has a running form evaluation that you videotape you running, send it to your coach, and they analyze where you are weak in your form.

Bottom line - eTraining isn't as far removed as I though that it would be. I like it, and 2 L Coaching has something great on there hands!

**All information on 2 L Coaching coems from the 2 L coaching website. For more information visits www.2lcoaching.com**

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