Jun 4, 2006

The first step

Well, I did a 4.1 mile run/walk in 58:23. Not too shabby considering that I just started back in to my running this past week.

You see... I used to run quite a bit, starting in 2003. I had a negative minded running "friend", a poor self-image, and really no comprehension as to proper training. This lead to total burn-out. After 7 half-marathons, 2 marathons, and hundreds of 5-, 10-, and 15-K's, I just had enough.

Now I am back into getting into shape, and training for my first half-marathon in a year. Compared to the 5 I ran last year, this time I am serious about my running, and serious about myself as a person.

So welcome to my journey, and hopefully you find find my struggles a help in your own world.

Keep on runnin'!

1 comment:

Bolder said...

this seemed like a good place to start...

anything is possible Jennifer.

just believe