Jun 6, 2006

The hardest part of any journey -

Today I did a quick 2.1 mile run - the only think quick about it was the down hills! I completed it in 27:01. Not too shabby. I am running a lot more now than I have in previous runs. Where I run in my complex, is a nice 2.1 mile loop with a LOT of gradual hills - most going up. My times are a bit slower than I expected due to the hilly nature. Not too flat and fast, but really great for working up the motivation.

I ran probably half the distance, walked the rest. I would only take a few short minutes of rest (at max. 3-4) at a time, and run the rest of the way.

So now I just need to work on two things - Endurance to hit the mileage I need, and Stamina to retain a decent pace.

I really want to complete a half-marathon this year in 2:15:00. That would be 20-25 minutes off my PR from last year. Better get bustin'!

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