Jun 16, 2006

Garmin Forerunner® 201 - My venture into GPS training

OK - let me state that I ADORE this invention. Yes, I may be the LAST person on earth who has this, but let me tell you - YOU NEED ONE.

The Garmin Forerunner® 201 , is just like the Forerunner® 101 , but is rechargable, with 15 hours on the battery.

You have multiple features:

Easy-to-read display with customizable screens,

Ergonomic wristband with an extension for arm wear,

Integrated GPS sensor that provides precise speed, distance, and pace data,
as well as go-to function which gets you back to where you started if you get
lost. VERY customizable.

Features of the GPS sensor are:
Auto Lap®, where you set the unit to automatically mark you laps in miles or kilometers, so you never have to touch a button, only to stop the timing function at the end of the run.

Auto Pause®, where you set it to automatically pause timing when
you stop running, and resume once you start up again.

Interval training, Route location, and more.

You also can set pace or distance alerts, in which you are notified that you are running too fast/slow, or have gone the length of your workout.

Virtual Partner™ to help you train for distance, pace, or speed. You'll get a graphic perspective of your performance by viewing your pace in relation to your Virtual Partner's pace, so you can always see at a glance if you're keeping up or falling behind.

Garmin's free Garmin Training Center™ software. This software allows you to store and analyze data using interactive graphs that chart your speed, pace, or elevation. Your course is overlaid on a map so you can pinpoint specific areas and see how elevation and other factors affect your performance.

I love charting my runs and comparing my pace per route, as well as seeing how elevation effects my time. I need to improve on hills for sure!

This is definitely helping me in my training, so if you are in need for a virtual training partner, or if you need a device which allows you to track everything (2 years of workouts!) this is the unit for you!

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