Aug 15, 2012

I am the worst... at updating a blog.


In defense of my being MIA again, I was busy living life and training.  

I am going to restart blogging here and on my IM blog as a sort of moving forward strategy.  I have so many thoughts in my head lately that I want to capture so I can look back at this crazy CRAZY time in my life and smile at how I made it through, how I moved forward.

As always, here is a super quick, Cliff notes version of the past 3-ish months…

Here comes the Bride…
Mike and I pack up my car and Moose and head south this Saturday.  We are heading to Florida, our annual pilgrimage to the sunny beaches of Happy Land.  

This year will be a little different than the last seven years though as we are getting married while we are down there.  August 25th, 2012 will be the day we make it official!  

That alone has been consuming my time with the planning of the honeymoon, the doggie day care, the wedding ceremony, rehearsal and reception. Budgeting, planning, and verification has been the name of my non-training and non-working hours.  

I had a goal of being down 40 lbs for my wedding.  Not only am I down 40 lbs… I am down 45 lbs.  I set and made a goal for the very first time in my entire life!  This made me so happy.  Now to keep on with that momentum.

SIDE NOTE: Who on Earth gets married two months ahead of an Ironman race?  This girl right here!  The planning of balancing a wedding, a honeymoon, a vacation, work, life AND training is almost as tiring as the actual training.  If planning was an Olympic sport, I would medal in GOLD.

Working for the weekend…
When not budgeting, planning and verifying things, I have been working.  I graduated in June with my MBA.  This sparked in me the renewed desire to do something challenging (professionally), and in June I received a call from a former manager of mine asking that I interview for an open position in his group in a different business unit.  I interviewed.  I was made an offer.  I accepted it.

So starting 9/4, I am through with a 16 year chapter of my professional life.  9/4 starts the next chapter of my life, the one where I start my new job in a new location with a new name.  That is a lot of changes.

So thinking about the future, I must as it is engrained within the very fibers of my being, I have decided to look past Ironman and see who this person is that I am forging during this process.  This Journey will be looking at me as a whole and cataloging my life as a wife, an endurance athlete (there I said it!) and as a world class juggler of all things crazy.  I feel like I have let this blog wander on without a clear direction, and after these past few months I realize now exactly where I want this blog to go.  And yes, that means more frequent updates!

While I am updating here, I am back-logging some blogs for my Journey to Ironman Florida blog.  So much has happened on this journey that I want to keep a perfect record of it so I can look back in years and relish this time of my life.

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